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Danish Cadastral Maps from the Early 1800s List Names of Owners or Tenants

Lene Dræby Kottal
Danish Cadastral Maps from the Early 1800s List Names of Owners or Tenants

The cadastral map at the top shows the property area "Sdr. Gørding By, Gørding," which lay in Ribe Amt (county).1 My fourth great-grandmother Ingeborg Mogensdatter and her husband Hans Rasmussen lived in Sønder Gørding when she died in 1849.2

Cadastral lot no. 8 in Sønder Gørding town, Ribe county, Denmark, from 1811 to about 1865

Danish Cadastral Maps Were Updated

A part of cadastral lot number 8 is shown in the snippet above. The map was drawn in 1818. A note on the map says that the lot numbers and names were added in red writing in May 1825. The map does not contain notes about later changes; however, names were struck out and new names were added with a different color pen, which indicates that changes were made after May 1825.

This lot has two names on it, but it mentions three people:

  1. Jørgen Peder[sen]
  2. Jørgen Pedersens Enke [widow]
  3. Hans Rasmussen

Ingeborg Mogensdatter first married Niels Hansen in 1801,3 then my fourth great-grandfather Jørgen Pedersen in 1811,4 and last Hans Rasmussen in 1829.5 The marriage record for Hans Rasmussen and Ingeborg Mogensdatter states that she was a widow, but it does not mention the name of her deceased husband. The details on this map were part of the evidence used to prove that Hans Rasmussen's wife Ingeborg Mogensdatter was Jørgen Pedersen's widow.

Danish Cadastral Maps Online

You can see images of many Danish historical maps online, free of charge. I have written a guide on how to use the site, Historiske kort på Nettet, which is only available in Danish. The site contains images of different kinds of maps. I have written a guide specifically about the cadastral maps because they can be very useful when doing genealogy.

If you need help finding your ancestor's land on a map, you can book a free planning call for one of my family history services or a customized research project.


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