Danish Professional Genealogist

I am a professional researcher with extensive experience in finding genealogical information from various archives in Denmark. I have researched my own family tree for more than twenty years and I have been a professional for seven years.

Extensive experience

I have extensive experience with Danish sources regarding emigration from Denmark to the USA.

Old handwriting

I am very competent in deciphering old texts, even gothic handwriting from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Precise sources

I always provide precise source references and detailed research notes so the reasoning behind each conclusion is clear.

  • “Lene can break through that brick wall that has stopped you from learning about your Danish ancestry.”
    — Katherine Lostan, United States
  • “Without Lene Dræby Kottal’s wealth of in-depth knowledge about Danish records and her expertise in finding the ones relevant to my ancestors, I would never have been able to trace my Danish origins”
    — Timothy Scanlan, Naples, Florida, United States
  • “With her knowledge of records, sources and handwriting she was able to find several generations that I would have never found and documented them.”
    — D. Eriksen, United States

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