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Danish County Records: Probate Records

Lene Dræby Kottal
Danish County Records: Probate Records

The county authorities were probate administrators for residents at self-owned farms in Denmark until 1793, when the Danish counties were reorganized. Some counties remained unchanged longer than that, because an amtmand could remain in his office until he resigned.1

Above is a part of the 1726 probate business after Rebecha Meÿland, Mr. Anders From’s wife in Stubbekøbing Watermill. The record names their children:

  1. Daniel Peiter, 22 years old
  2. Hans Jacob, 21 years old
  3. Ane Marie Cathrine, 19 years old
  4. Mette Kirstine Malene, 15 years old
  5. Thomas Matini, 14 years old
  6. Friderici Amalia, 11 years old
  7. Margarethe Øllgaard, 9 years old
  8. Peiter Nicolaj, 6 years old
  9. Bodel Cathrine, 2 years old

The record also lists the belongings and their assessed value. After due notice, an auction was held where the belongings were sold. The record states who the buyers were; some of the items were bought by Mr. From and one of his daughters. The estate had a considerable amount of debt, so the business ended without any inheritance to either the husband or the children.2


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