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Real Property Clues in Danish Military Levying Rolls

Lene Dræby Kottal
Real Property Clues in Danish Military Levying Rolls

Danish military levying rolls often provide many clues for further research and not only about an ancestor’s military history. The image below shows the 1836 entry for Ole, son of Mogens Olsen (old and new entry 12), born in "Liunge," age 40, 62½ inches tall. The repetition marks in the seventh column indicate that he resided in "Liunge," an obsolete spelling of the town and parish Lynge in the Sorø county.2

Snippet of 1838 military levying roll from the Sorø county, Denmark

The annotations state that at the 1820 evaluation session, the authorities were informed that he was a "Gmd." (short for Gaardmand), meaning he was a farmer, whereas at the 1838 session, it was noted that he was "Nu Indsidder," meaning he was now a tenant. Evaluation sessions took place once a year. The details in this record thus suggest that Ole Mogensen acquired a farm in about 1820 and sold it about 1838.

Two of my next research steps are therefore:

  1. Find the publication of the deed for Ole Mogensen’s farm acquirement.
  2. Find the publication of the sale of Ole Mogensen’s farm.


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Source References

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