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What is the hourly price for genealogical research services?

Lene Kottal Professional Genealogy accepts payments in various currencies. For each currency, the hourly fee is as follows:

  • EUR (Euro) 59
  • USD (US dollars) 65
  • GBP (Pound Sterling) 51
  • AUD (Australian dollars) 95
  • CAD (Canadian dollars) 86
  • Other currencies: See below.

If you live in a country with a currency that is not listed above, it may be possible to issue the invoice in your local currency. When you request an estimate for a research project, simply request to get the hourly fee in your currency, and then the possibility will be investigated and reported to you.

Invoices will be issued in the currency specified in the agreement, and invoices must be paid in the currency specified on the invoice.

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